Collette Lochore (Miss World New Zealand 2012)

Miss World New Zealand has given me the opportunity to exceed in making a difference and inspiring others on a larger scale. The theme of the pageant “Beauty with a Purpose” is what drove me to be so engrossed in this challenging, yet rewarding competition. Giving without the expectation or intention of receiving is something I value tremendously and I endeavor to bring this sense of happiness to others.

I love interacting and working with children, and I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love every day! I teach Drama and Speech to hundreds of children aged 3 – 18 specializing in theater and work with disadvantaged children in confidence developing. Every day I am utilizing my public speaking skills and ability to interact and inspire those who look up to me (literally with my height)!

My dream is to represent New Zealand on an international level, standing tall as a proud Kiwi.