Arielle GarcianoMy Name is Arielle Diane Garciano, aged 22.

I am a Branch Sales Coordinator at Plumbing World Christchurch, dealing with Housing Companies and Builders.

My passions are Fashion, Art and Traveling.

Lately I haven’t been doing as much art as I would like to, due to my busy schedule dedicated to my full-time job, fundraising for Miss World New Zealand Charity and practicing Miss World NZ choreography.

I have lived in both Christchurch and in Auckland. So as a young woman I already have had different living experiences. Christchurch for me is Family and work ,Auckland, for social and culture.

I am a New Zealander with parents of different ethnicities, my Mother being English and my Father, Filipino. This has enabled me to widen my life’s perspective.

Arielle-Garciano_12webI joined Miss World New Zealand 2014 after being inspired by previous Miss World candidates that I met at a Ronald McDonald House Fashion Show.Through this,I have already learnt more about myself, and my capabilities.

I feel privileged to be a part of this years event. I am going to use it as a platform to find new passions, gain new skills and opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

I am still deciding about my career. I am willing to try different things and find that pathway. I am taking advantage of every opportunity I get to improve and empower myself as a young woman.

My ideal job would involve inspiring and helping other people positively. With a pageant profile, I could endorse a business or organisation that does positive things for the community and the world.

I’m looking forward to completing this journey with the rest of the contestants who I have grown close to, and I can’t wait to see what the outcome will be.