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AGE:  23 yrs old
HEIGHT: 174 cm, 5’8.5”

My name is Karla de Beer, I am 23 years old and I was born in Pretoria, South Africa. New Zealand has been my home from the age of 11 and I adore the freedom, beautiful nature and opportunities that are a given in NZ.

I have a passion for helping and giving back, which led me to complete a double major in Psychology and English as well as working in Human Resources as a trainer. While participating in Miss Auckland 2015, I chose NZRDA for my charity as I am enthusiastic about raising awareness for causes which can aid and support all members of our community.

My goal is to improve the communities’ awareness of how they can become involved with charitable causes, uplifting our more dependent neighbours, while making giving back something that is fun and a part of everyday life.