Beauty with a Purpose 2014

Following on the previous years success in which the 2014 Miss World Contestants raised $25,000 to save the life of a little 5 year old girl from the Philippines, which ROMAC (Rotary Overseas Medical Aid for Children) had organised following a request from the little girls Aunt, who resides in New Zealand.

She was suffering from a condition whereby part of her brain was protruding through a lesion in her skull, above her nose.

Apart from the danger of the protrusion, she was psychologically scarred in that every time she saw a mirror, she would attempt to break it.Beauty with a Purpose 2014

Following the operation at the Starship Childrens’ Hospital in Auckland, where the Surgeon’s Doctors and Nurses gave of their time at no cost, she was transformed into the beautiful little girl she always was.

So much so that on her return home, she entered into her schools Beauty Contest and won!

Beauty with a Purpose 2015

This year we decided to devote our Charitable giving to Oaklynn School for Students With Special Needs, in New Lynn, Auckland

Although the school, like all schools in New Zealand, is Government funded, there is always a shortfall in their budget. So after meeting with the Principal and Staff we decided to try to raise enough money to purchase a good quality, 12 seater van so that the school could run the special needs patients to their various destinations without having to use the services of Parents etc.

Whilst we were there, we were made aware of a 20 year old Fijian Indian young lady who suffered from Cerebral Palsy. So after consultation with her parents we decided, in the true tradition of Beauty with a Purpose, to include her as one of our contestants.Beauty with a Purpose 2015

This was the first time that we had considered having a special needs contestant competing in the Pageant and it turned out that she was an inspiration to us all, causing many tears to be shed through the rehearsal time and Pageant Night.

One of the contestants took it upon herself to raise funds to obtain a replacement wheelchair for her, more conducive to her needs.

This contestant also obtained a $10,00 voucher for a number of the special needs student to attend a work camp, to be held towards the end of this 2015 year. She was indeed our BWAP winner for 2015.

So our spectacular effort ended in the contestants raising over $30,000 in goods and services.

This is a remarkable result, in the true tradition of New Zealand giving, where 75% of all businesses are small businesses and as a result, unfortunately we do not
have the same kind of open chequebook philosophy that other countries have.

New Zealanders are traditionally big on giving goods and services but cold hard cash, not so much.

Beauty with a Purpose 2015So we can once again adjudge Beauty With a Purpose to have been a great success once again and we are already planning our 2016 campaign to find a suitable project where 100% of all monies collected go straight to the recipient or recipients.

We have achieved remarkable results with no government or big business funding purely because all our Management and Volunteers devote Beauty with a Purpose 2015 their time and energy at no cost, thereby avoiding large amounts of money going towards salaries and overheads.

The concept of Beauty with a Purpose is certainly our prime motivation and it must be said that this concept alone is what places Miss World ahead and in a totally different category, to other Pageants, World Wide.Beauty with a Purpose 2015