BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE is the heart or the whole essence of Miss World New Zealand competition. Following directives from the Miss World organisation, NZAPT decided to exactly emulate Miss World Organisations own Beauty With a Purpose Charity by placing it at the forefront of everything that the contestants do, first middle and last, from day one of the rehearsals.

So it came to pass that the candidates went out into the community and offered their services to their individual charities by means of holding individual charity events, bucket collections, attending fundraising activities, and other forms of community services worthy of recognition and praise. In the end, between the 12 candidates, they raised $12500 dollars in monetary terms and in effect much more by their ongoing commitment by donating their time. Variety, the Children’s Charity was the biggest recipient but other Charities were as follows.

Camp Quality
Child Cancer Foundation
Cystic Fibrosis Society
Great Potentials
Leukemia and Blood Cancer Foundation
Mercy Hospice Auckland
Paw Justice
The Prime Minister’s Christchurch Earthquake Appeal
Red Cross Society
World Vision
Variety – The Children’s Charity

BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE is embedded in the DNA of Miss World New Zealand that even after the Miss World NZ competition, some contestants especially the Top Four have embraced it in an ongoing way so that the true value in real terms will be much more that can be measured in a monetary way. Recently, the Top 4 braved the cold morning to help build a vegetable and flower garden at New Lynn Primary School initiated by Rotary Club of New Lynn. Together with other volunteers and Rotary club members, the garden has now benefited the whole school especially the children.