New Zealand Asia Pacific Trust  – History

The NZAPT was founded in 2002 by four families. Three of these original families still operate it today. The trust is Chaired by Kalafi Moala with Prince Manuel as Deputy Chair. Desmond Foulger serves as the Communications Co-Ordinator and Trust Secretary. Assisting the trustees, are their wives Suliana Moala (Cultural Co-ordinator), Mila Manuel (Financial & Pageant Director) and Rose Foulger (Project & National Director). Alex Tee (Marketing Director) and Rohan Adarkar (Marketing Director) oversee the marketing activities of the trust. Several volunteers also give their time and effort to the trust. All officers and committee members are unpaid.

Over the years NZAPT has secured the franchise for all Major International Beauty Pageants totalling some 13 in number. Our Charitable giving is always pointed to disadvantaged children and we always endeavour to select charities where 100% of our donation goes to the children. We work hand in hand with Variety, the Children’s Charity which is also affiliated to the Miss World Organisation through its Beauty With a Purpose Charitable Trust

Pageant Information – Miss World New Zealand

Miss World New Zealand is an annual Beauty Pageant that seeks an ambassador to represent New Zealand on the global Miss World stage.

The run up to the Pageant includes at least 12 weeks of workshops and training, held each Saturday prior to the Pageant. Training includes Social Media Training, Leadership Training, Leadership Development, Presenter Platform and various motivational workshops. Also included are catwalk training and many allied skills.

Although Beauty and Form are important considerations for a Miss World Winner, never-the-less Beauty With a Purpose is the core value of the Pageant.

It is a pageant designed to celebrate culture, beauty, fashion and talent and cherishes it’s theme “Beauty with a Purpose”, which embodies the true spirit of the crown by helping and supporting disadvantaged children in New Zealand.